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lecture: Life in transport (Leben im Rausch)

Your consciousness is always altered

Life in transport title slide

Let's stop talking only about drugs and addiction, let's start talking about what happens in brain and body - and why.

Your consciousness is always altered - just too often too much. "Rausch", that is "transport" or "buzz" or "frenzy", is an ability of the nervous system that does not need external triggers (but can make good use of them), that can be learned and trained. As an ability of evasion, it poses a fundamental problem and threat to all forms of control. If understood and (re)claimed as an ability, it could be crucial to finally overcoming domination once and for all.


Day: 2016-03-26
Start time: 21:15
Duration: 01:30
Room: Vorträge
Track: Ethics, Society & Politics
Language: en



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