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lecture: Lasting Longer: Standing and Survival in the Adult Film Industry

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It is commonly assumed that knowing and knowing the right people, is beneficial for ones career. To my knowledge there is little empirical support for this plausible argument. Hence, this paper aims at testing this hypothesis.

Popular culture knows measures as the Bacon and Erdös numbers, measuring the distance (in terms of number of people) between an individual and Kevin Bacon and, respectively, Paul Erdös in a social network. The links in these networks are work relationships, joint films in the case of Kevon Bacon or joint publications in Mathematics in the case of Paul Erdös. These examples are a nice way to illustrate the Small-world Experiment, but do not necessarily reflect centrality of a node, as the choice of Bacon and Erdös as starting points was rather ad-hoc.

I take up this idea and construct set up a network of the adult film industry, where work relationships can be – rather graphically – be observed. As centrality measure I calculate the betweenness centrality for every performer, instead of taking the distance to any arbitrary point in the network.
As there are no box office revenues available for pornographic films, I interpret the survival in the industry as success. One can make an economic argument, that, in the absence of lock-in effects, performers will remain in the industry as long as it remains profitable. The profitability will not only depend on monetary aspects, but, in addition to economic costs, it takes potential costs from loss and reputation and personal well-being into account.
First results indicate that there is indeed a strong effect of the centrality of the collaborator and survival in the industry. It remains a point for discussion to what extend these results carry any external validity.


Day: 2016-03-25
Start time: 23:30
Duration: 00:30
Room: Vorträge
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