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meeting: Key-signing party

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This event is not going to be recorded

We meet to sign each other's PGP keys. The language will be German or English if requested. Your are welcome to use this meeting to also exchange fingerprints for other crypto mechanisms, like OTR or various phone text systems. For PGP key-signging I would ask you to prepare for the Zimmermann–Sassaman key-signing protocol.

The purpose of this event is to meet and physically exchange crypto information to build up a trust network. The main focus of this event lies in executing the Zimmermann–Sassaman key-signing protocol in order to sign each others PGP keys. In order to participate, you need to prepare yourself by following the instructions given at

However, you are welcome to participate at the event in order to exchange all kind of crypto information, like fingerprints for OTR or various texting systems on phones, or whatever. You can even participate to sign PGP keys the traditional way if you bring print-outs of your key information.


Day: 2016-03-27
Start time: 22:45
Duration: 01:00
Room: Workshops und Party
Track: Security & Safety
Language: en


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